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Sometimes employees just needs to be shown a little appreciation for all the hard work they do. The team at Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center offer Employee Appreciation Days to local businesses because we realize how good they can be for boosting your employee’s morale and in turn their productivity. This program is a perfect way to show your employees how thankful you are for all of their hard work and dedication – without costing your business a penny.

Complimentary Massages

Employee Appreciation Days include having one or more of our staff members come to your business and perform complimentary 15-minute chair massages to all of your employees. Typically we’ve found that this program works best during lunch breaks, but we can also accommodate larger businesses that have employees working different shifts.


Show your employees your gratitude while doing something to improve their health. If your business is also interested in educating your employees even further, we will also offer one of our health related workshops, we can also offer one with breakfast or lunch.

Our mission

At Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center is to help as many people as possible throughout our local community, and offering our Employee Appreciation Days allow us to do just that.

Relaxing and Educational

This program is meant to be relaxing and educational, so there is here is no heavy sales push for any service that our facility offers. If one of your employees has a problem and would like help with it, we simply offer them an opportunity to receive a complimentary consultation in our office with one of our doctors.

Since our doctors and staff volunteer their time for a variety of programs in the area, the number of Employee Appreciation Days we can provide each year is limited.

Are you interested in having Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center provide an Employee Appreciation Day at your office? Please call 330-721-6504 or contact us below.

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