Corporate Wellness Programs

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How important is a Corporate Wellness Program to your business?

With health care costs increasing for employers at an alarming rate, it is now more imperative than ever to keep your employees both healthy and happy at work.

Although it can sometimes be costly to implement a corporate wellness program, Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center provides many of these programs as a complimentary service to our local community.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible and we can only achieve that if we get our message about health promotion and disease prevention out to the community. Our program will focus on educating your employees on how to avoid some common health issues, not only to improve their health but the overall health of the business as well.

Key Factors that Affect Your Employees Health:

  • Physical Activity & Nutrition
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Stress

The choices that your employees make in regards to these factors affect your business in these areas:

  • High Absenteeism
  • Decreased Production
  • Workman’s Comp Costs
  • Negative Staff Morale
  • Increased Health Care Costs

What is a Wellness Day?

The Wellness Days provided by Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center are a complimentary program that we have put together as a way of trying to improve the health of our local business community. We include a variety of information, services and workshops to improve your employees overall health and wellbeing.

Wellness Days Include:

1) Workshops / Lunch & Learns – A one-hour fun, informational, interactive workshop for everyone w/ a healthy lunch or nutritious snacks.

Topics Include:

Stay Fit While You Sit
Stress Reduction
Weight Management
Starting an Exercise Routine
Solutions for Healthy Aging

2) Wellness Day Services – Stress relief trigger point massages along with information and advice from health professionals.

Stress Relief Chair Massages
Employee Health Screenings
Employee Education Handouts
Staff Incentive

3) Prizes and discounts to local health-related products and services in the area.

How We Can Help?

Contact our office and let us do the rest. We will provide any of the services listed complimentary. We will leave your staff educated with tips they can implement into their life to reduce stress and increase their energy, making it easier to manage their life, work, family and most importantly their health. Employees will not only have a better understanding about their health, but they will be motivated to improve it.

What’s the catch you ask? We simply ask that you gather 10-20 people in your office who want to reduce their stress or change their health. That way we can spread our message throughout the local community. There is no heavy sales push for any service that our facility offers in any of our programs. In fact, if we find someone who has a problem and would like help, we simply offer them a complimentary 30-minute consultation in our office with one of our doctors.

Since our doctors and staff volunteer their time to do these, the number of events we can provide each year are limited.

Positively affect your bottom line by not only teaching your employees how to adapt a happier and healthier lifestyle but by motivating them to do it both at home and at work.

Do you want the team at Advanced Spine Joint & Wellness Center help increase your employees’ production, energy and health? Call 330-721-6504 or contact us below.

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