Sciatica Tips from a Medina Chiropractor?

According to the National Institutes of Health, four out of five Americans suffer from disabling back pain. In addition, sciatica has been found to occur in 1% to 10% of the American population especially among people aged between 25 years to 45 years. Research shows that sciatica affects more than 3 million people in the US every year. Due to the pain, 77% of the people affected have reported feeling depressed while 70% have had trouble concentrating.

Additionally, 74% have said that their energy level has been impacted by the pain while 86% have found it hard to sleep.

What is sciatica?

This condition can be defined as pain brought about by irritation or pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain originates from the lower back and runs through the hips down each leg. It affects one side of the body and it’s usually brought about by a bone spur or a herniated disc which compresses a section of the neck. As a result of the compression, inflammation arises leading to pain and even numbness. The pain has been described as a burning or sharp pain that radiates from the lower back and follows the path of the sciatica nerve down to the foot.

What is the sciatica nerve?

This is one of the largest nerves in the human body that runs from each side of the lower spine through the buttocks, into the back of the thigh and down to the foot. Its vital role is to connect the spine with the foot and leg muscles. What you ought to know is that any pain radiating from the sciatic nerve is referred to as sciatica. Any issues with the nerve can cause pain, numbness and muscle weakness.

Want to alleviate the burning pain?  There are a few steps you can take.

Step One – Schedule a visit with your Medina chiropractor

Medina chiropractors are skilled with their hands. They are in a position to use their hands so as to diagnose and treat any issue affecting the musculoskeletal system. To find relief from sciatica, the doctor of chiropractic will begin by evaluating the condition. Unlike other medical professionals who rely on your symptoms to craft a treatment plan, chiropractors must diagnose your musculoskeletal system to find the root cause of the issue. By doing so, they are able to relieve pain and restore your health.

Once the issue has been identified, the Medina chiropractor can now move ahead with the treatment plan which includes spinal adjustments. This is done to improve joint mobility in the pelvis and spine. It also helps to eliminate inflammation around the affected area.

Step Two – Workout

Working out has been identified as the ideal step towards relieving sciatica pain while inactivity has been identified as a leading cause that worsens the condition. To improve your situation, you need to work out. This strengthens your muscles that support the pelvis and back. In addition, working out nourishes your spinal discs.

Step Three – Stretch exercises

Chiropractors in Medina have identified that having tight muscles results in pain and discomfort. To alleviate the pain and promote flexibility, you need to engage in stretch exercises. Stretch exercises for sciatica can alleviate the pain and strengthen your core muscles. Chat with your chiropractor in regards to the best stretch exercises for sciatica.

Step Four – Apply heat and ice

This old remedy has worked on numerous occasions and now, it can still be used to relieve pain brought about by sciatica. Start by placing an ice pack on the area where the worst pain is being felt. This should be followed by placing a heating pad on the affected area. Not only does it soothe muscle tension, it improves blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation.

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